The Way to Here and Now

Ella Prejzner, EFT, MTT, and Professional Certified Life Coach

About Ella

There is a point in life when a person comes to know that the past is the past and the doorway to happiness exists in the present. Ella Prejzner came to that conclusion as she realized that her whole life leading up to the present was a journey of learning how to experience the peace available in the Here and Now.

As someone who felt for much of her life that happiness and peace came from outside of herself, Ella found that she wanted to fix herself and save the world. It started early on in childhood and continued into adulthood when  reading the book Three Pillars of Zen by Philip Kapleau drastically changed her life view.

Through her meditation practice, Ella realized that there is nothing to change, nothing to fix, and that everything we need is within our hearts and in front of our eyes. Developing and trusting her intuition gave her the ability to deeply connect to other people. She freed herself from the obligation to save everyone through telling them the answers they sought, and instead has devoted her work to helping them find their own answers.

Those who work with Ella benefit from her broad experiences and understanding she has developed. Growing up in Poland, Ella was raised on the martyrdom of Polish history, the terror of World War II, and related stories of her relatives and other people. Those experiences, among others, made her look for answers and a deeper meaning of life. They also deepened her compassion and appreciation of other people’s stress and trauma.

Going through an immigration process and adapting to life in the US gave her firsthand experience with creating a new life from scratch. The strength and wisdom she called on to make the transition herself, has given her credibility to help people, and especially women, make significant changes and powerful decisions.

Raising three sons who she regards as some of her best teachers, then letting them go, and redefining her life, has allowed her to work effectively with people who want to find a new meaning in their lives, fill in the empty space in their lives, or reconnect relationships.

As an educator for immigrant children, Ella has attained deep understanding of the emotional challenges of children and their families.

Finally, the excellent training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and professional life coaching Ella has completed provides her opportunities to bring together all parts of who she is to help people create the life experience they desire. The combination of energy healing and coaching techniques produces incredible results to her clients and brings success to her practice. While open to working with a variety of clients, Ella particularly enjoys working with women facing a difficult life transition or looking for a new meaning in their lives. She combines the spiritual aspects of clearing the way to the Here and Now with her ability to be logical and concrete. The result is nothing less than completely compassionate, honest, and effective methods for releasing what blocks people from reaching for what they want in their lives, discovering who they are, and experiencing the Here and Now.

Ella’s Credentials

Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • EFT International, formerly known as  AAMET (International Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certificate. 
  • AAMET (International Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certificate
  • EFT Universe Certified EFT Practitioner Intermediate – 1
  • EFT Certified Practitioner, CERT – 1
  • EFT- ADV (Advanced)

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching:

  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Program (ELI-MP)

The Weiss Institute

  • Professional Training Course in Past Life Regression Therapy


  • Mindful Schools: Mindfulness Instructor Certification


aamet cert-eft-int-1-sm CPC Logo energy-leadership


  • Teaching Certificate (Children K-9; Illinois State Board of Education) with endorsements in Science and ESL
  • Master’s degree in Science from the accredited University of Warsaw, Poland, and two years of doctorate studies.