The Way to Here and Now

Ella Prejzner, EFT, MTT, and Professional Certified Life Coach


Do you want to reconnect with your inner goals, dreams, and passions?

“Being coached by Ella has put me on the path to following my dreams!  I got the support and encouragement that I needed to make positive and lasting change, and I am a better me because of it.  Ella is strong, gentle and caring all at once!  She guided me to my own solutions and helped me figure out what I really want to do!  She is amazing and I have been blessed to have her as a coach!”

— Kori Prior

Do you want to become free from emotional and physical pain?

“Ella’s well of compassion, perceptiveness, patience, and dedication to helping others is exceptional.  For me, she provided safe means of getting to the root of my anxiety, and helped me to transcend fear and nurture healing during a most difficult time.  Working with Ella was a profound and inspiring gift.”

— Rebecca Mendelson

Do you want to overcome your blocks and make powerful decisions that change your life for better?

“When I was referred to the EFT Study on PTSD, I did not have much faith in EFT, and I did not really feel I needed help. I believed that the way I saw my life and the world was the way the world was.  I was drafted to Vietnam, it affected me a lot, and there was nothing that could change that. Less than half way through my first EFT session with Ella, I experienced a definite positive and calming emotional change.  The past event(s) were still there, but the fearful negative feelings had been replaced with calmness.  Before I started working with Ella, those events had been in Hi-Definition color and maximum volume (full throttle). Now, as a result of the EFT sessions, they have faded to dull gray without sound. I feel better physically and mentally, I have finally joy in my life, and I can see a brighter side of things and other people. My past is fading behind me, I can enjoy the present, and I can look forward the future.”

— Gordon W.

Do you want to develop the ability to love, forgive, trust, and live intentionally?

“I have had the good fortune of working with Ella.  She is a kind, compassionate and very creative practitioner.  Though I am an EFT practitioner myself, sometimes I need the support of another person to move through blocks that are difficult to navigate on my own.   Ella is always the person I call!  I appreciate her and am honored to know her.”

— Lynne Morrell (Personal Life Coach/EFT Practitioner)